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Xanthan, Carbomer, Sodium hyaluronate.

Other components:
Mannitol, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Xylitol, citric acid, Macrogol, Aspartam, taste (cherry, menthol), potassium monohydrogenphosphate, Zinc stearat, silica.

Content: 20 pastils.

Contraindication and Warning:
Do not use it if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any component in GeloRevoice®. Usage pastil is not recommended for patients (e.g. sjögren syndrome) decreased salivation severely. Patients with phenylketonuria (a genetic metabolic disorder) should be aware that GeloRevoice® contains aspartame as a sweetener. Do not use simultaneously with other medicines for mouth and throat areas.

Do not use pastil in the supine position (e.g. in bedtime) against choking hazard.

Need to know about children:
Do not use in children under 6 years of age.

Need to know during pregnancy and lactation:
According to present datas, GeloRevoice® can be used eaily during pregnancy and lactation

Need to know about certain group of patients:
Patients low-salt diet should be aware that 1 GeloRevoice® contains 3.2 mmol Sodium.

Side effects:
In overutilization, GeloRevoice® can cause purgative effect and/or gastrointestinal complaints.

Direction of use:
Suck the pastil slowly until melting for all the hydrogels dissolve. Pastils are not chewed or swallowed.

Frequency of use:
Use GeloRevoice® when there is a need (e.g. every 2-3 hours) Use max. 6 tablets during the day. Be recommended use GeloRevoice® after meals.

Usage duration:
GeloRevoice® can be used safely in both short and long-term treatment. Seek advice of doctor if the recovery is not in findings in 3 days or worsening occurs in acute symptoms (e.g. fever, sore throat).

Shelf life:
Do not use after the expiration date of GeloRevoice®.

Storage Conditions:
Store it under 25° C and in a dry place.

Always close the aluminum tube carefully after removing pastil.

Keep medical products in a safe place. Keep out of the reach of children. 


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